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So Looking Forward to Harvest

The past couple of years of living in limbo def: the uncomfortable state 40-50 somethings find themselves when they become empty-nesters, is finally coming to an end. Its time to settle on a path for our next chapter. Yve and I just made the commitment to purchase an organic garlic farm in Cawston, BC. There. Done and done. For better or worse. In sickness and health.

After leaving the harsh climate of Northeastern BC and in Yve’s case a good career with great job satisfaction, we settled in with family in Keremeos, BC to assist with Parsons Farm Market, a family operated orchard and fruit stand. We soon discovered that farming life isn’t all that bad. Hard work yes but really quite satisfying. But we also learned you can not roommate like a 20 something in university. Been there, done that.

So onward and upward. Our new farm, officially; farmersdotter organics, is PACS certified and in great condition. Our new neighbours say the property has some of the best ground crop soil in the area. We had our collective eye on this property since early last summer and in anticipation of purchasing it we prearranged with the seller to plant the garlic crop for this summer. We are really looking forward to experimenting with other ground crops but for now we can not wait until the harvest. The cleaning, grading, and getting our very own product to market for the first time will be really exciting.

Personally, I am looking forward to establishing a culinary and perennial herb garden. Ever since managing Raven Hill Herb Farm in Saanich during the 90’s I have longed for my own herb garden. And now, well now I get to do just that.

We are fortunate too in that there is a bakery on the property so now Yve can ply her trade in earnest. The bakery is a straw bale constructed building with a beautiful wood fired oven that can bake upwards on 100 loafs of bread a time. The previous owner sold bread at the Penticton Farmers Market and Yve hopes to carry on that tradition plus offer up whatever pastry strikes her fancy. I know she has a passion for good bagels.

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