Your Renovation Ideas Welcome

So here is the problem. We are are about to move into a farm house that has been scabbed onto and improved upon over the years by a series of well meaning owners and well meaning neighbours who possessed little working knowledge of local building codes. They regarded local building codes as something that, well those local codes really don’t apply out here in the district… “So yeah. Thats not gonna go anywhere… Should hold. Okay. See ya!…”  Purchasing ‘as is, where is’ is something you must be comfortable with when acquiring a farm property.

For the benefit of farmersdotter, the following photos were taken prior to us moving in and consequently we can not accept responsibility for their content.

As you can see from the photo below there is no provision for exhausting steam and fumes from the stove:



To complicate matters the floor beneath has eight inches or so clearance which prevents access for a downdraft unit. Your Renovation Ideas Welcome.

There are two hideous support posts in the living area that define what once must have been an exterior wall:

Support Posts

Support Posts

I am hoping to have these removed by installing an engineered beam. Your Renovation Ideas Welcome.

Lastly, for now, every window and door in the house should be replaced:



I plan to preserve the old units for posterity but they provide no benefit to a 21st century home renovation. Your Renovation Ideas Welcome… Please.

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