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New Direction for Economic Development in Penticton

For the Economic Development person who desires one of the best places in the country to hang your hat. Contact Dan Ashton because Penticton is looking for you as outlined in a recent article by Steve Kidd of the Penticton Western News

City of Penticton

City of Penticton

In an excerpt from the article Penticton Mayor Dan Ashton is quoted:

“For [the new position of Economic Development Officer] to work, it has to be non-political — politics have to stay out of it,” explaining how bringing economic development in-house will allow them to create a “one-stop shop” for opportunities and information.

“This way, we are doing our best to facilitate it, to make sure it is available. The economic Development office will be right there, senior staff will be right there, mayor and council are right there,” said Ashton. “It’s a whole different way of looking at it. It’s more of a best practice, we are seeing more and more of this.”

Read the full article:

farmersdotter Latest Treasure

It has been two weeks since possession. The promise of a beautiful spring day is inspiring:

Early Morning Inspiration

Early Morning Inspiration

There is a lot more to accomplish inside before the spring weather demands our full attention outside. With most of the walls painted and floors refinished there still remains a bedroom sub floor to rip up.  Hopefully an easy method to level and flatten the floor will reveal itself:

New Paint

New Paint

Refinished Floor

Refinished Floor

On a walk about the other day ‘farmersdotter’ spied some old fir planking resting in a lean-to that once planed would make a wonderful new floor for the bedroom. That reminds me, creating a wood shop is another project. In the meantime ‘farmersdotter’ discovered a hidden fir floor lurking under a coat of paint in the bathroom. By the time we get through all that paint we probably could have bought a floor sander for the rental cost:

Hidden Fir Floor

Hidden Fir Floor

But before that we must make the trek to Vernon to pick up ‘farmersdotter’ latest treasure. A vintage 40″ 4-burner stove bought at auction. Apparently every modern kitchen must have one:

40" 4-Burner Stove

40" 4-Burner Stove

Floor Mat

So this is the view when one looks down at the floor facing the kitchen door. The door over the threshold is so low that any interior floor mat will get swept aside by the door when it is opened into the room. Consequently this area of the floor has never been protected from the in and outgoings of a busy kitchen:


After graduating from 36 to 100 grit paper the fir floor is almost ready for the polyacrylic clear coat. I would continue to grind away at the faint mark dead centre but after careful thought we have decided it should remain to lend character and charm. Although continuous grinding could be one way to relieve enough space for the floor mat:


First Morning

After a long while we took possession yesterday. We have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us but this morning as we awoke to greet the first day at farmersdotter we truly felt blessed. Some images to keep us inspired:

The Guest Cabin & Garlic Storage. Guest Cabin has a nice little garden area for those long term guests. Both Guest Cabin and the Garlic Storage Shed are straw bale construction.

Guest Cabin & Garlic Storage

The Bakery and Hot House are straw bale construction too. The wood fired oven in the bakery can bake off 100 loaves of bread on one fire.

Bakery & Hot House

The house or money pit, aka the ongoing project for the rest of my natural life!


The main reason for being here. Some of the best fertile land in the valley… if we do say so ourselves.

Garlic (straw) & Fallow Fields

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