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First Morning

After a long while we took possession yesterday. We have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us but this morning as we awoke to greet the first day at farmersdotter we truly felt blessed. Some images to keep us inspired:

The Guest Cabin & Garlic Storage. Guest Cabin has a nice little garden area for those long term guests. Both Guest Cabin and the Garlic Storage Shed are straw bale construction.

Guest Cabin & Garlic Storage

The Bakery and Hot House are straw bale construction too. The wood fired oven in the bakery can bake off 100 loaves of bread on one fire.

Bakery & Hot House

The house or money pit, aka the ongoing project for the rest of my natural life!


The main reason for being here. Some of the best fertile land in the valley… if we do say so ourselves.

Garlic (straw) & Fallow Fields

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