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New Direction for Economic Development in Penticton

For the Economic Development person who desires one of the best places in the country to hang your hat. Contact Dan Ashton because Penticton is looking for you as outlined in a recent article by Steve Kidd of the Penticton Western News

City of Penticton
City of Penticton

In an excerpt from the article Penticton Mayor Dan Ashton is quoted:

“For [the new position of Economic Development Officer] to work, it has to be non-political — politics have to stay out of it,” explaining how bringing economic development in-house will allow them to create a “one-stop shop” for opportunities and information.

“This way, we are doing our best to facilitate it, to make sure it is available. The economic Development office will be right there, senior staff will be right there, mayor and council are right there,” said Ashton. “It’s a whole different way of looking at it. It’s more of a best practice, we are seeing more and more of this.”

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