Starting Bread Starter

For a number of weeks farmersdotter has been working diligently on the bread starter for this years bake. She began with a dormant starter from last year which responded very well and will yield a wonderful sour dough. She also developed another starter from pineapple and red grapes.

Bread Starter

Bread Starter

The fruit provides the sugar on which the yeast feeds allowing a preferment and a longer fermentation time for the yeast enzyme and bacterial actions on the starch and proteins in the dough. This in turn improves the keeping time of the baked bread, and it creates greater complexities of flavour.

Halving the starter everyday to feed it means there is an abundance of starter dough left over so one problem is what to do with the left over starter. No doubt farmersdotter will come up with a solution but in the mean time we are developing a great store of frozen waffles!

Yesterday we started firing the wood oven in the Bakery. It will take a few burns to get the oven well primed for the first bake for the Penticton Farmers Market May 5.

Bakery Oven

Bakery Oven

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