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The last two weeks have been very active with farmersdotter in the bakery preparing fresh bread and the garlic competing with the weeds for supremacy in the field. This past weekend we completed our third Penticton Farmers Market.


We were really excited and relieved to have gone through all the bread that was baked. Difficult to estimate how much bread to prepare for the market but fortunately we ran out with only a few minutes to spare.  We prefer to run a little short and limit wastage although the chickens at Corey Brown’s Blackbird Organics will be a little ticked not to receive their portion of bread leftovers. Corey just had an article written about his Mobile Chicken Fortress on The Ruminant

Corey’s Coop

Thanks to The Ruminant for the above image

Speaking of leftovers, artisan bakers have a difficult time deciding what to do with left over starter. The starter, which will virtually double in weight with each 24 hour feeding, really adds up over time. If you begin on Sunday with 500 grams then by Friday evening you could be faced with 16 kilos of heavenly smelling expensive goo. Precious and vital, one does not want to jeopardize the starter but frugality demands you prepare only enough for a successful bake. Thanks to bakers percentages farmersdotter is much better with math.

We also had a few distinguished guests over the weekend. On Friday and quite by accident and perhaps by fate, Florin from Transilvania Peasant Bread on West 4th in Point Grey and Baking Stories popped by with his partner Lisa en route to Nelson. What a wonderful couple. Florin, breaking a promise to resist flour for the weekend, decided to assist with our bake. farmersdotter said there was talk about a future baking workshop but that is all mostly a rumour. Saturday saw the arrival of Pat, Patty, Tamara and Caroline from Sunnyside Natural Market located in Kensington, a vibrant shopping district of Calgary. They were on a farm tour of their Southern BC suppliers. Lastly on Sunday we entertained Tim based in the Whole Foods out of Kitsilano. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of quiche with local asparagus before a tour of our farm. We look forward to the four BC Whole Foods outlets supplying farmersdotter organics fresh garlic this season.

That is more activity than we’ve had in a while.

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  1. Hi Yvonne and Morris, we’re back in Vancouver after an amazing trip to Nelson. Thank you again for your hospitality last Friday. Here’s a link to our bread blog. There’s a beautiful picture of you two on it.

  2. You’re most welcome. Thank you for the lovely article on your blog

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