Where is High Gear?

Lately, the bakery and perfecting a recipe for supplying the Penticton Farmers Market with just enough bread has been consuming most of our effort. Now that the middle of June looms it is time to kick activity into high gear. The Early Kowloon, one of the rare soft neck garlics to produce a scape, is now producing a scape.

Kowloon Scape

Kowloon Scape

That means time to sharpen the scissors and begin ‘scaping’  before harvest in a couple of weeks. It is believed that removing the scape at just the right moment will produce a superior garlic bulb. Though when that moment occurs is widely in dispute and whether scaping or not is even effective is only marginally less in dispute.

Later this month we are looking forward to having friends stay with us. We expect quite a few visitors this summer. If we continue to delay the guest bedroom renovations any further our visitors can expect to be campers. The bedroom needs a new floor. From the ground up new floor. Literally. We discovered rotting joists and sill plates.

Bedroom Floor Repair

Bedroom Floor Repair

Seems the original construction predates pressure treated lumber and environmental seals. A friend who has experienced a similar problem with his own home ensures us he has a fix that ‘should’ work. Should work. He has been conscripted.

farmersdotter thought too that while we’re at it we “might as well replace that old window with a nice new french door and hey, wouldn’t a new bedroom patio be lovely for our guests. And we could take that nasty old window and make a new cold frame for the kitchen garden! We’ve always wanted a kitchen garden. Watcha think?” Now where is that high gear?

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