Not the Four Seasons but…

Today is June 28th and the weather of late has been crappy. We are establishing the wettest and coolest June on record for the Similkameen Valley. So wet and cool that I have removed the mulch from the early softneck garlic to assist maturation in the field. This requires extra work. Something I don’t take lightly. Most farmers are concerned about a late start to the tomato and pepper crops. The same concerns as the last two seasons. Seems to me a cool damp June is the new normal. Get used to it and the old normal will seem a blessing. Glass half full or empty.

Our world is full of activity. Up and at it early each morning. The bakery is doing well and farmersdotter is slowly developing a following of breadies. Folks who regularly stop by the market and even cycle up the drive investigating the place with the big wood fired oven. “Got any bread?” inquires the cyclist. “The folks at the organic winery sent me here.”  Because it wasn’t a bake day we were not able to offer the cyclist any bread but we did recruit her as a  field hand. And that is a good way to get a free loaf at the end of a work day.

Over the next couple of days we will be planting the summer cover crop in the fallow fields. In the meantime our conscripted carpenter friend has been good to his word.  His fix for the bedroom floor worked.

New Sub Floor Install

New Sub Floor Install

There are new sill plates with engineered joists and 3/4 T&G sub floor. It will be buttoned up tonight and we can at least get a coat of primer on all the surfaces before guests arrive. Not the Four Seasons but it ain’t camping either.

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