Raina and Dan Take Relief

We began harvesting our small field of early Kowloon softneck garlic. Roughly 15,000 plants in all providing excellent practice and team building skills for our field hands as they prepare for the 112,000 Russian Red hardneck plants that will be coming off the big field in three weeks. We have 7 regular field hands for the Kowloon harvest and other farmersdotter duties. These great folks will provide team leadership for the 7 to 12 extra hands that will be required for the Russian Rad harvest. Below Raina and Dan take relief from the 37 centigrade heat.

Dan & Raina

Dan & Raina

Once dried then cleaned the Kowloon in placed on conveniently located racks for further curing. I say convenient because the Kowloon goes to market very quick and won’t require long storage in our storage shed.  We thought it best to try racking these little guys right in the field next to the vehicle path.

Curing Rack

Curing Rack

Less work and handling of the garlic is a bonus. So far the orders are keeping pace of harvest so we only need replace empty space with more Kowloon. We just may get away without having to built more curing racks. In the photos you can see large clear recycle bags to the right of the rack. These sealed bags contain harvest waste that in time should solarize or cook the waste eliminating any chance of transferring unseen pests or diseases back into the environment.

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