Well That Happened

Just about the time we were finishing up harvesting the softneck garlic on the weekend of the 14th I went to bed Saturday evening feeling fine then when I woke up Sunday I had what appeared to be an insect bight on my index finger. Later that day it was enough of a nuisance that I decided if this persists through Monday I head to the clinic for a professional look see. By Monday it was obvious I required medical attention which I received.



By Wednesday I was sent to Kelowna General where a plastic surgeon awaited me to hopefully save my finger. I was released today. One full week for what we believe was a spider bight. The infectious disease lab could not confirm the genesis of the infection but we are left with little else to explain how it happened.



Anyway, that is my excuse for not posting lately and missing the Penticton Farmers Market last week. Happy to be on the mend.



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