Go Deep

Must admit to being a little anxious. This past Tuesday we began harvesting the Russian Red hardneck garlic. The crew worked long, hard days in very warm temperatures. Consequently we plan our day to begin at 5:00am in the cool of the morning. We are 75% complete with the Russian Red harvest. We will be at it again tomorrow finishing up Tuesday. We decided to take the weekend off in part to soothe sore muscles but mostly to avoid the high heat.  The forecast high today calls for 38 celcius. Our fields are usually 3 to 4 degrees warmer than the forecast.

Regardless, the harvest albeit a few days late is looking excellent. The average bulb size is about 2-1/2 inches with a large portion approaching 3 inches. I have my eye on some of those for my seed this fall.

As a Rule

As a Rule

Smaller bulbs average 1-1/2 to 2 inches. When purchasing garlic consider smaller bulbs if you require a small amount. The garlic flavour in Russian Red is intense regardless of bulb size so no worries there either.

Our garlic is hanging in the drying shed which is open on three sides to allow for excellent ventilation. You must go deep to get through the 30′ aisle to the other open side.

Go Deep

Go Deep

The drying shed can accommodate about 16,000 pounds all under one roof.

Drying Racks

Drying Racks

After the garlic has hung for a few more days we can begin trimming and cleaning the bulbs in preparation to send them to market.

We sincerely hope you have an opportunity to support small organic growers when choosing fresh produce. It ensures our livelihood and the supply of sustainable produce. We can’t say enough about retailers who support small local farmers. farmersdotter organics garlic is available at Community Natural Foods and Sunnyside Market in Calgary. Whole Foods Markets on the lower mainland plus Bob’s Fruit Stand in North Vancouver and Hofstede’s Country Barn in Chilliwack. In the Okanagan our products are available at Parsons Fruit Stand, Keremeos, Harker’s Organics Cawston, and Fresh Green Grocer in Kelowna.

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