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No Rest for the Weary

We are very fortunate and blessed. This past harvest, our very first, has been truly pleasurable because of the hard working crew we have at farmersdotter organics. It’s been 6 working days and all the Russian Red garlic has been pulled off the field and is hanging safely in the shed to dry. Natasha, Erik, Mo, Roxanne, Joe, Pierre and Jeremy pretty much have been here throughout the harvest. They were here at 5:00am every morning and stayed each day until the job was done. Although, Erik and Jeremy have been known to fall victim to a silent alarm clock! Missing from the photo are Madhavi and Olivia both of whom will come back this fall to help plant their second crop here. On the ground by the crew is the last of the freshly harvested garlic ready to be moved to the drying shed.

All Done Pullin'
All Done Pullin’

The garlic orders must be filled as soon as possible. Our retailers have been waiting since last winter when their stock of fresh garlic ran out so there is no rest for the weary. After the the last garlic was hung to dry the crew had time left in the day so they decided to begin cleaning straight away. The garlic they are preparing was the first harvested early last week.

No Rest Today
No Rest Today

Every bulb is handled and inspected at least three times before it reaches market. First at harvest, again when cleaned and finally when placed in 25lb sacks for shipping.

25lbs to a Sack
25lbs to a Sack

Bon apetite!

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