Two weeks ago today harvesting of the Russian Red hardneck garlic began in earnest. A week later all the garlic was pulled off and hung to dry in the drying shed. Pictured is one of 15 drying racks from the drying shed, each measuring approximately 10′ x 36′ and supporting in excess of a thousand pounds of cured garlic.

Drying Shed

Drying Shed

Today, two weeks later the drying shed is emptying and the storage shed is filling up with cured and cleaned garlic. A lot of work. We decided it was time for a breather so we are taking a couple extra days of rest. The garlic won’t suffer from a couple of extra days of breathing or curing either. The storage shed is a straw bale constructed building that has a very stable storage environment.

Storage Shed

Storage Shed

Even when outdoor temperatures climb to the upper thirties the storage shed hovers between 12 and 16 C depending on how much the door is opened during the afternoon. The garlic moves to market quickly so the shed is primarily used to store our seed until mid October.

Seed Garlic

Seed Garlic

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2 responses to “Breather

  • Jimmy Cracked-Corn

    15000 pounds of garlic drying! How many acres were planted to produce that much? How many bulbs is that?

  • morrisholmes

    Good questions. We cultivate about two acres of garlic each year and practice a four year rotation. Not sure the number of bulbs, but we planted 3100 pounds of seed last October. We expect a yield of about 5 pounds of marketable garlic for every pound of seed.

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