Tree Fruit

Something else we do at farmersdotter organics, albeit on a very small scale, is tree fruit. We have a modest orchard but enough to provide local fruit stands with a few pounds of something juicy. Some plums, apples, and pears in one area and along the fence line some peaches and nectarines that provide better privacy than fruit. That’s about it. One big cherry tree in the back yard but unfortunately its days are numbered. Its a gnarly old  specimen and then there is Spotted Wing Drosophila, a nasty little fruit fly not to be encouraged and cherries are a perfect host for the pest.

Spotted Wing Dropsohila

Spotted Wing Dropsohila

No, we are not orchardists, at least not this year as evidenced by the condition of the Gala Apple Tree and lack of thinning. Maybe next year.

Gala Not Thinned

Gala Not Thinned

Anyway, right now we are pulling off Damson plums…

Damson Plum

Damson Plum

and my favourite, Italian Prune Plums. Thought you might like the photos.

Italian Prune Plum

Italian Prune Plum

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