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We Love This Place.

Sunday. The weekend. Labour Day weekend to boot. This means two things; the waning of summer and the Community Harvest Dance.

Although several summer like days remain for the Similkameen Valley there is something in the air, especially the early morning air that foreshadows Autumn. No longer is there a need to burst forth at 5am to complete the daily tasks before lunchtime when the heat becomes oppressive. Instead we wait for the sun to crest the hill around 7:30am and slip on a second layer of clothing, perhaps an old shirt, before we step outside to begin the day.

Sun on Hills
Sun on Hills

Won’t be long and it will be 9:00am before the sun reluctantly peeks above the hills. By then an old sweater will count as a third layer over the old shirt.  By then come 3pm the evening chill will have set in. By then we will be planting garlic for the second year completing our first full cycle at farmersdotter organics. By then it will truly be Autumn but for now it is time to dance!

There is something special about a Community Harvest Dance, especially for farmersdotter and I as this is our first year in the community of Cawston, BC.

Chopaka North To Cawston - Credit: Murray Henry
Chopaka North To Cawston – Credit: Murray Henry

It marks the end of the season and a time to plan and dream for next season. We had totally forgotten about the harvest dance yet yesterday, thankfully we were able to acquire tickets at the Penticton Farmers Market from a neighbour and fellow vendor who was going from booth to booth in search of forgetful folks like us. Giving us one last opportunity in our busy lives to do something social. Something special. Even though the season isn’t really complete it has been good. farmersdotter and I remarked last night how blessed we are. We love this place we find ourselves.

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