Heat in the Kitchen

So yeah. farmersdotter has been playing in the kitchen. Experimenting with heat. You know the saying: ‘If you can’t handle the heat’. Well, she won’t get out of the kitchen. She is in there; eyes watering, tongue burning, and pots bubbling brewing up some artery clearing concoctions all containing habanero chilis. To put things into perspective the habanero chili is rated 200,000–350,000 on the Scoville scale. That is somewhere between frickin’ hot and OMG!

Scoville Scale

Scoville Scale

From a blackened couldron farmersdotter decants a caramelized peach and habanero slurry. We think it may be a jam. Or a meat rub. Whatever. Its heat is remarkably suited as a cheese cake topping or an ice cream melt kind of thing. Very versatile but hot. Truth be told the ‘jam’ was made without the seeds. Inside the seed is where the real heat resides.

Peach Habanero

Peach Habanero

“Can you imagine the heat if you left the seeds in” I exclaimed, wiping the sweat from my bald pate. farmersdotter’s grin assumes an evil posture. “Oh, just you wait” she says as she reveals a confection she innocently calls Habanero and Pepita Seed Brittle. “Try this my pretty…”

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