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Saying Good Bye is Easy

Time to say good bye to farmersdotter Organic Russian Red Garlic.  The last of it will be leaving the farm today. A Prince George distributor will be taking it for distribution to the BC Interior. Truth be told we are glad to see the last of it go. It means we had a successful year. Although by now all our garlic would normally have been in the market for a couple of weeks continuing to cure in someone’s else storage facility and not ours.  However, we were asked to the reserve the last of the Russian Red while the new distributor got set up. Reserving the last of the garlic was something we were reluctant to do given the demand for organic Russian Red Garlic but we deemed the risk worth it. If all goes well with this first, albeit late season, delivery then next year the good folks from Burns Lake to Mackenzie will be able to enjoy our garlic and we get to move more of our product in a shorter time frame which is ultimately what we want.

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