Hand Me Another Cold One.

Autumn: Crisp, fresh and invigorating. Reminds me of perfectly line dried bed linens. Autumn is seriously my favourite time of the year. Even if it heralds winter which is not even my second favourite time of the year. That is reserved for Summer or maybe Spring. Anyway I never had the fortitude, inner nor outer, to endure winter activities. farmersdotter likes the winter activities. She is a skier. I admire all skiers and doers of ice and snow. I simply prefer less layers whilst performing feats of daring do. I think that is why God invented the Mayan Riviera and beer because it requires little clothing and level of skill; both of which I am remarkably well suited. I’ll take my skies behind a Malibu Wakesetter please. Regardless winter will soon storm in and our productive season will draw to a close.

We have had a wonderful summer at the Penticton Farmers Market which continues until October 27 this year. We have made new friends and developed regular customers who pop by for their weekly sample of fresh bread and preserves. According to her interpreter the sampler in the photo below says our bread is her most favourite in the whole world.

Kid Approved

Kid Approved

Autumn also means an abundance of fresh heirloom tomatoes. These tangy little beauties will roast in the same wood fired oven that baked the bread over the weekend.



After firing Friday Night for the Saturday market, enough residual heat remains that by Monday the oven can effectively roast off meats and veggies. Slow braising and stewing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is a summer breeze when oven temperatures moderate to the mid 200 degrees fahrenheit.

We are not sure yet if we can keep the bakery operating throughout the winter. Winter, ‘insert cerveza here’.  I digress. Perhaps we can drum up enough demand. We will see. Bunty Cat is on my side: “Shade the sun and hand me another cold one”.

Bunty Cat

Bunty Cat

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