Phase Two

The end of the season is in sight. Not much time to finish planting and to do all the things one does around a farm before the water lines get blown out at the end of the month. I really would rather not spare the time but we simply can’t wait any longer to complete phase two of the house renovations. This month we receive new windows to replace the last of the jittery single pane, maybe good for a green house window, windows.

Old Window

Old Window

Although I’ll miss the cardboard in the panes,  new windows will go in. New exterior doors going in too. Every time the wind gusted from the west we thought for sure the glass pane on the porch door, which is held in place by one loose toggle and a bent nail, was going to blow in and smash into a gabillion pieces.

Porch Door

Porch Door

Everyone who sees our old windows and doors think it a shame to replace such lovely relics from the past. Pay our hydro bills and we’ll consider keeping them. We have however, ordered windows and doors that virtually match the retirees they replace, replicating the solid wood mullions and bronze hardware. Our old units will stay with us and most probably be recycled into a greenhouse somewhere.

This morning we head into town to gather the materials necessary to install the new wood stove. The cemented area was originally designed to accept a built in fireplace but we opted for a simpler and more efficient wood stove. The cavity will be filled with layers of cement board to the level of the sub floor. We removed a radius from the fir floor to provide sweep below the arc of the stove door as it opens which satisfies code.

Wood Stove Pad

Wood Stove Pad

Not to sure how many phases remain. farmersdotter controls most of that but each phase gets less mandatory and more enjoyable.

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  • cyn

    Ah, home improvements. Looks like you and Yve are creating a warm, cosy home 🙂 Wishing you a smooth Phase 2.

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