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Sucks to be Them

Crap.  Getting tired. Wasn’t prepared. Four workers planting garlic and I can’t keep pace supplying seed. It is best to crack your garlic as close to planting as possible. Why? Not too sure but it has something to do with freshness and possibly Shamanism.  The crew have the weekend off while I continue to crack garlic. Only 700 more pounds of garlic to get through and it will all be precessed into seed. Planting begins anew Monday but unfortunately showers are in the forecast. May make for muddy work. Sucks to be them.

At least we have the wood stove installed. Phase two is nearer to completion.

Wood Stove
Wood Stove

5 thoughts on “Sucks to be Them

  1. Heck, my wife and I just planted our first “real” crop … 3116 cloves, 18 different varieties that we liked the sound of … and we’re feeling muscles and connective tissue that we didn’t know we had. Your operation sounds downright scary by comparison. Good luck with it. Enjoying your blog.

  2. Sounds like you have planted around 100 pounds and 18 varieties is very impressive. I would be curious to know some of the varieties and especially interested in your yields upon harvest. Thanks Tom.

  3. I did two pounds. I cannot imagine 700…

    1. Yes, it is hard on the wrists. 700 pounds is the back end of the task. We began with 3400 pounds of our own garlic which will yield in the neighbourhood of 3120 pounds of seed.

  4. wow, you have a very big operation, love the fireplace too.. c

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