Hard Crack Stage a Comin’

Garlic is in, mulched and being irrigated as we speak… write… whatever. We lost a few bales of straw because of windy conditions the past couple of days. Hard stuff to control. Straw in the wind. So we are irrigating to keep what straw remains in its place and well behaved. Good straw.

Irrigated Straw

Irrigated Straw

We only have two more weeks before the end of the Penticton Farmers Market and farmersdotter is busy preparing bread, brittle and late season preserves. I love helping with the Habanero Brittle. My job is to assist pouring the brittle just as it reaches hard crack stage. That is a candy term: hard crack stage. It gives me a grin and a giggle to yell out ‘hard crack stage a comin’ just as we pour the molten goo. farmersdotter is rethinking my usefulness in the kitchen.

Brittle Bubbles

Brittle Bubbles

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