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Its About Time eh?

Well its about time we gave you a way to contact us. We are regularly asked where our product is available. Especially now since the Penticton Farmers Market is drawing to a close for the season. The short answer is our product is only available from our farm. For now. We are working on getting our bread and other value added products to market as soon as possible. Now you can email us with the form below and we will keep you informed about where and when our product will be available. This is the same form that appears on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

In the mean time you can watch this video on ‘Its About Time’. It will make you happy:

Then you can pop by your favourite market and inquire about farmersdotter organics.  Ask them to stock our products. Let us know if you do. It will make us happy. Thank you for your interest.

Its About Time
Its About Time

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