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Minus 8 or Bust

So yeah. Doesn’t matter how many sources you consult. On the subject of which is the best mulch to use for garlic you are liable to come up with a myriad of  suggestions. Straw, grass clippings, hay, bark, you name it. How to choose?

Innovation-schminovation. I repeated what I did last year and mulched with straw. Not sure what kind of straw we used last year but this year we used barley. 400 two string bales of the stuff. Now as for the best mulch, well straw definitely maintains an even moisture and provides excellent weed control. Providing, as this is key; the straw is free of seeds.

So yeah. See this:

Barley Germinating
Barley Germinating

That is barley seed happily germinating in the barley straw. And look:

Thats a lot of Weeding
That’s a lot of Weeding

That is some of the 400 bales nicely spread and now germinating. Thats a lot of weeding for somebody.

So yeah, consultation has led us to believe that barley shouldn’t survive minus 8 celcius temperatures. We are definitely hoping temperatures soon take a nose dive before we get an insulating blanket of snow.

So yeah. Farming is nothing but a license to print money.

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