Saturday Slam #1

The weekly spotlight of the Saturday Slam shines upon PepsiCo and their $2.145,400 dollar donation behind the ‘NO’ campaign on Proposition 37, the California Right to Know initiative to label genetically modified organisms. PepsiCo was the third largest donator, behind chemical companies Monsanto Dupont.


At farmersdotter we believe the best way to effect change is to vote with your wallet. Sign as many petitions as you can but real and substantial change only occurs when you change somebody’s bottom line. Take away or add to their profits and you will get noticed.

Among farmers and folks who care about where their food comes from there is a boycott brewing against PepsiCo and everything PepsiCo. If you are concerned about the labeling practices of PepsiCo and companies like them than consider a personal boycott.

PepsiCo companies that should register a genetically modified blip on your radar are: Pepsi-Cola Brands, Frito Lay Canada, Tropicana, Quaker, and Gatorade.

The full shopping list of farmersdotter boycotted companies owned by pepsiCo:

Shopping List

Shopping List

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