Sunday Salute #1

The weekly Sunday Salute, Tip ‘o the Hat, and Congratulations goes to the UBCO School of Nursing for presenting a fabulous Global Gala at the Laurel Packing House in Kelowna. Money raised at last night’s gala will help nursing students bring health care supplies to Africa.

Global Gala 2012 - presented by UBCO Global Nursing Citizens

Global Gala 2012 – presented by UBCO Global Nursing Citizens

There was a fabulous Chicken Curry for dinner with apple crumble dessert. To begin a fresh fruit plate and wonderful local braided bread were laid out on each table. Must say the evening went on without a hitch and was very well paced. Considering the venue does not have a commercial kitchen and out of necessity the dinner had to be prepared at various approved offsite kitchens there was potential for hick-ups but the delivery of dinner was flawless. Having dinner catered by so many future nurses all dressed in basic black was a bonus. At least for this farmer.

One very cool discovery was the beer supplied by Firehall Brewery. On tap were their Stoked Ember Ale and the Holy Smoke Stout. Think I have a new favorite brew.

Cheers to all the organizers and supporters of last nights gala. To paraphrase a presentation from one eloquent speaker last evening… even in the absence of medical supplies and support it is important we show up every year because at the very least it gives hope.


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