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Saturday Slam #2

Folks who know farmersdotter and her loyal boy toy, know we advocate voting with your wallet to effect real change. That is exactly what we are about to do as the weekly spotlight of the Saturday Slam shines upon Rogers, one of the three piddle poor wireless/internet bears Canadians must endure.

Roger, Telly & Bell Boi
Roger, Telly & Bell Boi

The reasons for this slam are so well known as to be universal and in no way proprietary to Rogers. Poor customer service and technical support is the norm among most Canadian providers. Its just that at the moment Rogers is our provider so they bear the face of this slam.

A quick glance at a recent survey from J.D. Power and Associates tells the potential nightmare Canadians face every time we call for help from any of these providers.

Three years previous our wallet closed on Telus. We can not in all good conscience open it for Bell. If Bell were set apart from the other two we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Twice burnt. The devil you know or the devil you don’t want to know.

So we may have to look beyond the den for a service provider. That will be difficult given the top alternative providers are only slightly less scatological mini-me’s of their ursine parents: Rogers begat Fido, Bell spawned Virgin and Telus hatched Koodo. 

Fido, Kooie & Lil' Virgil
Fido, Lil’ Virgil, & Kooie

Not many good things being said about the independent providers in Canada either. Seems they all aspire to have a den of their own. That and they all lack the infrastructure to make them widely competitive. SaskTel has some good press. Not moving to Saskatchewan anytime soon. Go Riders!

We are dependent upon our cell phones because part of the whole closing the wallet on Telus three years ago thing meant we give up our land line. No choice.

Where we live Telus is the only land line provider. Even if there are alternate land line providers out there hidden from our scope they would all have to employ their infrastructure from Telus.

We would love to know your experience with Canadian service providers.

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