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Sunday Salute #2

The weekly tip ‘o the hat, congratulations and Sunday Salute goes to Kal Tire. In particular the Kal Tire in Penticton. farmersdotter and I were cruising about town yesterday and ended up at the Penticton Community Centre for a relaxing swim, steam, and sauna before heading home around 4:30pm. We got to the parking lot when farmersdotter noticed a flat tire on the truck.

Not being one to shy away from a little adversity I immediately got the jack and tire iron from our little Isuzu,


lowered the spare and set about changing the tire. In no way could I loosen the lug nuts. With time running out and an expired BCAA card in the wallet, farmersdotter said she’d call the local Kal Tire. We’ve dealt with them in the past and thought it might be worth a try.

Well Kal Tire responded within 10 minutes.  Took a trip back to the shop with our tire, returned with it repaired, reinstalled it and we were on the road in about an hour. As it turns out our Japanese right hand drive Isuzu has split rims and tubed tires so this was not a standard flat tire fix.

Anyway, the point is for all this service, and with a smile, there was no charge. You heard right. No charge.

We have dealt with Kal Tire for years. Be it Fort St. John, Kelowna, or Penticton. Each time we require new tires we go to Kal Tire. Every time we swap out winter and summer tires or require a tire rotation we go to Kal Tire.  And because the original purchase was with them there has always been no charge for follow up service and always fabulous service.

But this was different. Close of the end of the business day on a Saturday and the tire in question came with the purchase of the truck and not from Kal Tire. The young fellow who attended us is named Chris. A nicer young lad you’d be hard pressed to find. Upon leaving us he explained that everyone “has bad luck now and then so no charge.”

I’d open my wallet for these guys and but they refused to take it. We love Chris and we love Kal Tire.

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