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Do Not Use Garlic As a Prophylactic

So we’re in the bakery and farmersdotter has her hands covered in roasted garlic goop. Won’t go into the details as to why but it did bring to light the notion that garlic is a natural vampire repellant. We haven’t had any encounters with vampires. And we grow garlic. Makes one wonder if garlic truly works as an effective vampire prophylactic

So we decided I should research the subject cause garlic goop smears easily on the keyboard, and Lo and Behold a group of Norwegians has performed just a study. Only they used leeches. Not vampires. Both suck. Good enough.

No Garlic

Anyway, in their study they smeared garlic on one hand and the control hand had no garlic. Turns out the garlic-smeared hand was preferred in two out of three cases.  Not only that but the leeches attached themselves in a blistering 14.9 seconds to the garlic smeared hand, compared with 44.9 seconds to the non-garlic smeared hand.

So it seems the traditional belief that garlic has prophylactic properties to repel vampires is probably wrong. Indeed the opposite may well be true. Someday I’ll let farmersdotter know.

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