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Sunday Salute #3

The weekly tip ‘o the hat, congratulations and Sunday Salute goes to Marc Beerling of Fort St. John and owner of Marc Joseph / Trends Clothing Co.

Marc Beerling's Stash

for an awesome job raising funds for Movember last month. In addition to being an all round drum beater and community supporter for Fort St. John, Marc actively supports good causes. Congrats Marc on another successful Movember fund raise.

And yes, I totally ripped off his profile picture without permission and I am not taking it down.

Last time I checked Marc was over $1,700 in donations. He has until the 9th to get all donations in and has promised to re-grow and keep his pathetic excuse for a stache for one full year if his donations reach $5000.00.

So you can still contribute to Movember via Marc Beerling for the next week or so. Thanks Marc!

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