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Snow Has Arrived

Snow has finally arrived. The snow lends a special light and layer of beauty to the valley. Makes one search out a good book to read by a warm fire. Lovely. Snow has arrived. There you have it… or rather we have it.

Snow Dec. 12, 2012
Snow Dec. 12, 2012

Most folks in the valley are surprised snowfall held off as long as it did. One neighbour mentioned last week, while it was still green and mild, that by the last week of November their family would be skating on nearby Ginty’s Pond.

Bunty Cat has restricted her outdoor activity to the protected perimeter of the house. Activity. Yes, I suspect there will be a few little piles of activity to deal with this spring.

All I know is we now have an insulating blanket of snow over the barley mulched garlic crop. Normally that would be a good thing. The reality is, in the aforementioned green and mild conditions the barley mulch has been happily sprouting and growing amazing roots into the garlic. This, to me is mildly concerning because germinating barley requires minus 8 celcius to winter kill. That will be difficult to achieve under the snow.

Never thought I’d be a barley farmer but there you have it… or rather we have it.

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