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Saturday Slam #5

Well… I guess there is no avoiding this weeks Slam. The culture surrounding the Newtown School Gunman.

Flowers Laid at Newtown School - photo credit
Flowers Laid at Newtown School – photo credit

Very little can be said. Incidents like this have occurred before. History tells us in all probability it may happen again. So who or what to blame.  And to what benefit?

Do we blame our culture? An imbalance? Possibly.

Consider our planet is home to over 7 billion human inhabitants. Consider that number approximates about 7% of the worlds total population since… well since there have been humans.

That means since the appearance of humans, there is the distinct possibility that at least 7% of all the nasty humans who have ever lived are reincarnate right now. Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Idi Amin, Attila the Hun, Talat Pasha… complete the list then multiply it by 7%.

Opposite case can be made for Einstein, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Galileo, Pearson, Confucius, J. S. Bach… and so it goes.

Who or what to blame? I’m going for a walk.

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