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On Being a Farmer and On a Rant

This first year on the job as ‘farmer’ has its perks. My boss is pretty good. Cute too.

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Sexist? Bite me.

Perk #1: I can get away with that because my boss thinks I’m pretty cute too. No accounting for taste. And if ‘bite me’ offends then click away. Cheers!

As farmers we pretty much control our day to day activities. We screw up or get lazy we merely impact our pride or our bottom line.

As organic farmers we have immediate access to some of the best meat, seafood, and produce in the world. Not to mention some pretty fabulous wines. But then folks everywhere in the country have unrestricted access to similar products in addition to some of the most sinister meat, seafood, and produce lurking  in the grocery isles beneath nondescript labels.

Because GMO labeling on this continent is archaic in comparison to the EU and Asia, the choice between best and sinister is not always clear. North American producers are not required to identify GMO constituents in their product ingredient list. There are some very simple ways to translate food labels to avoid GMO’s if that is your choice. And it should be. Bite me.

credit GMO-Awareness
credit GMO-Awareness

The proliferation of GMO’s in the market place is threatening organic producers globally. There are cases of organic producers losing their organic status at no fault of their own but simply because GMO seed somehow contaminated their property.

These organic farmers have little to no recourse.  Legislation protecting GMO manufacturers exists because there is an assumption they are fostering principles of sustainable agriculture. The legislation is flawed. GMO developers operate in a manner not consistent with the principles of sustainable development.  Indeed, legislation protecting the GMO industry may well contribute to a decline in food security, the environment, and deepen poverty in the developing world.

How can society effectively promote a fair and competitive marketplace while producers from one sector can be legislated out of business because of the provisions granted to another sector? The advantages and disadvantages of GMOs must be carefully considered.

We read labels and make the best informed choice we can. Then we vote with our wallet. We opt for non GMO first and organic second. Our preference is local certified organic. The real pricy stuff where we know exactly where our purchasing power is going. It is our money after all.

We can not and will not knowingly support GMO manufacturers. Our aim is not to put GMO manufacturers out of business but rather prevent them from putting us out of business and thus reducing our choice to McFood.


Farmer Perk #2 is having the time to write the drivel for this blog. If you made it this far you may have some perk time as well. Consider yourself a farmer in training. Consider some further reading:

GMO Awareness: Insightful blog with simple tips and knowledge about GMOs

cban: Canadian website campaigning collaboratively for food sovereignty and environmental justice


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