Mostly on Again Love Affair

I have an on-again off-again love affair with food. As a child of the sixties I grew up around the dining room table. Who am I kidding? I grew up around an aluminium and arborite table obtrusively set in a kitchen designed by and for a muppet.

It was the best we could do at the time. My father had just taken an early discharge from the RCN to partner with a long time friend and open their very own sporting goods business. Around our table the cash flow went out the other direction for quite some time.

Regardless, that was a time when most menu ingredients, outside of staples, were seasonal and very dear. One had better be thankful for what was put in front of one because there were children starving in Biafra. Translation: If you want the yummy dessert placed just out of reach of your pudgy little fingers you had better clean up that plate young man and show some respect for those less fortunate. “Nothing left if you please.”

No wonder as a kid I was fat. It wasn’t because we were fed a diet of fast prepared, trans-fatted goo dolloped out of a jar onto something resembling pasta or pizza or bread or whatever… Do not get me started: Crackers, meat and cheese cryovaced in self serving snack packs disguised as a healthy choice for school lunch? “Clear!”

Self Serving Snack Packer

Self Serving Snack Packer

No. I was destined to be outfitted by ‘Husky’ brand clothing because as a kid I was force fed. Although my mother insisted I was merely big boned. Any wonder I get all tingly at the sight of foie gras.

I had two older siblings. Had. One passed away at age 39 from complications with obesity and the other recently passed at age 59 from complications with diabetes.

Nine years ago I was pushing 280 pounds of huskiness. Diagnosed with type two onset diabetes I was testing my blood several times a day and inhaling medication to ‘control’ everything from blood sugar to high blood pressure. This at a time with one brother dead, the other not doing too well and a father dead from a coronary. “Next!”

Control? Yes. Heed the warnings. Do the right thing for your loved ones as well as for yourself. Choose wisely and consume in moderation. Thanks Doc.

Today my 6’1″ frame supports something around 190 pounds. Maybe more. Not bad. Off all medication and routinely pressure test 115 over 65. Resting pulse around 55, sugar and cholesterol levels on the low side. Controlled by a diet based upon moderation not limitation.

Cream in the coffee? Yes. Bacon with my free range eggs? Occasionally. Foie gras glazed across home made bread? Make it so mon capitan and top up the malbec while you’re at it!

Love Affair in a Jar

Love Affair in a Jar

I refuse a diet absent of all things fat and tasty but instead practice safe consumption. I enjoy my mostly on again love affair with good, rich, healthy food. Viva la vita!


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