Finishing Touches

So phase two of the renovations is nearing completion. We were told to expect ‘eight weeks’ from the time the bank account was emptied last August before we take delivery of the new units. So we (I) naturally assumed we would be taking delivery of the windows and exterior doors sometime late last October.

Our designer also told us (me) the later ‘in the Spring’ we take to decide whether or not to proceed the longer that eight week lead time could become. Wait a tick: Did he just say ‘in the Spring’? What happened between ‘the Spring’ and August? One wonders.

So here we are. Ready to greet daffodils through the panes of new windows and doors.

From the Outside

From the Outside

We have to admit the installation has gone very well. A couple of hiccups but nothing our installer Cam and Merino his trusty (and I have it on good authority fairly cute too) side kick couldn’t quickly solve. These guys are great. Polite, skilled, professional, and a credit to Heritage Millwork.

Removal and installation of three windows and four exterior doors took just under five days. On the exterior of the house there is both stucco and cedar shingle to match in addition to increasing the opening size on a couple of the units.

In the master bedroom the window unit on the left (photo below) will be extended down closer to the floor. Affording a better outside aspect primarily for the benefit of the cat. We (farmersdooter) decided to transform the window unit on the right…

Removing Old Glazing

Removing Old Glazing

… into a patio door unit. In case you were wondering, and why wouldn’t you, that is the aforementioned cuteness contemplating the plating.

Now its a Door Opening

Now its a Door Opening

Must admit, when farmersdotter offers renovation advise it generally is a very good idea. I love the Master Patio Door…

Now its a Door

Now its a Door

…although that implies a patio. Soon. One wonders.

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