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Have you heard about Ag More Than Ever? They are ostensibly an industry initiative powered by Farm Credit Canada to improve perceptions of agriculture in Canada. Fair enough and good for them.

Upon investigating the partner list associated with Ag More Than Ever we discovered they are aligned with several provincial 4-H clubs. Get ’em young we say. Works for McDonald’s.

We also discovered one partner, GJ Chemical Ltd  inviting website visitors to check out their Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybean line up from NorthStar Genetics. Ag More Than Ever‘s alliance with such partners is not, in our humble opinion, an improvement to anyone’s perception of Canadian Agriculture.

Upon further investigation of Ag More Than Ever‘s partner list we discovered trade associations, manufacturers, developers and distributors of plant science technologies that all support bio-chemical research specifically in the areas of genetic modification, genetic engineering, and mutagenesis.

Nothing says sustainability and land stewardship like a good dose of Monsanto topped with a dollop of Dow.

While we appreciate any initiative to create a greater awareness of agriculture in Canada we can not support the wolf who redresses itself in the warm and fuzzy cloak of the farmer next door. That is who who we are. And we resent the association. Vote with your wallet and buy from local sheeple.

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