New Crop – New Retailer Too

Beautiful Spring day in the Similkameen Valley! Looking forward to the new Garlic crop and of course the tender Garlic Scape. Our new batch of Garlic Scape Salt will be available by mid July and fresh Russian Red Garlic by early to mid August.

Garlic March 28, 2013

Garlic March 28, 2013

Garlic popping through barley straw mulch which will stay in place to retain moisture until harvest this July.

Also, we are really excited to provide ad hoc of Penticton with some product. As of tomorrow ad hoc will stock farmetsdotter Habanero Brittle and the Garlic Scape Salt too, when it is ready! ad hoc specializes in clothing, shoes, denim, jewelry, and other good tricks. Our stuff being just one of the many good tricks.

ad hoc

ad hoc

ad hoc are located at 446 Main Street, Penticton. Cheers!

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Certified organic garlic, wood-fired sourdough bread, original garlic scape salt, studio guest homes, handmade furniture. View all posts by farmersdotter2

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