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Happy Mothers Day Sunday Salute

Choices are nice; choices are good. Informed choices are a right. GMO labeling is only right in order to make a good choice.


Greater awareness and information helps one make better choices. That is why our Sunday Salute tips the hat towards GMO Awareness, a website that provides awareness about the risks of genetically modified foods.

credit GMO-Awareness

Recently GMO-Awareness shone their spotlight on Natures Path in an article about Non-GMO Products that may change your view of the supermarket breakfast aisle. Then again it may not.

Natures Path
Natures Path

Regardless, the information is engaging, enlightening and helpful in making a good choice. Nice.

Choices and Mothers Day; seems appropriate.

Have a happy day.

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  1. What a kindness… thank you! Happy Mother’s Day to you too, thanks for helping to raise GMO awareness! <3

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