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3 People You Should Know

You’re never too old or too smart. One comes to realize that when in the company of very smart, very keen, and exceptionally driven folks who may be a little junior in age but vastly senior in expertise. Their acute desire and passion for what they do is inspiring. Their results sublime.

Such is the case with three folks farmersdotter and I recently had the privilege of meeting and befriending. We think you might like to meet them as well. Perhaps become friends.

Jordan Marr @OKHomestead operates the Homestead Organic Farm. He and Vanessa

Homestead Organic Farm
Jordan & Vanessa – Homestead Organic Farm

produce certified organic veggies and hay for purchase via a weekly veggie box service and local farmers’ markets. Introduce yourself to Homestead Organic Farm at the Summerland Farmers Market and the Penticton Farmers Market.

Jordan also developed and moderates The Ruminant a site for ‘sharing good ideas about farming and gardening‘. On the ruminant you will find podcasts and  informative sections on greenhouse gardening, tools, sheds, livestock and a very helpful section on garden layout with more content added all the time. Highly recommend you visit The Ruminant.

One can’t imagine the Okanagan-Similkameen without sampling local wine from any of the 120 plus wineries in the valley. Big or small, wineries in the Okanagan-Similkameen produce very good wines. World class wines.

Our go-to vintners are Orofino, Poplar Grove, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, and Fairview Cellars. As we explore and discover the wineries of our region the list grows.

We add Tyler Harlton Wines to our go-to list.

Tyler Harlton
Tyler Harlton

@TylerHarlton produces only about 500 cases a year. His wines are available through his Website and limited distribution in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Tyler Harlton Wines
Tyler Harlton Wines

Tyler also grows organically on a farm at Trout Lake. He is a McGill Law School graduate, very personable, with a variety of interests and talents that amazes us. Good man to know.

So when you come to see us try to include in your visit the good folks mentioned here. You owe it to yourself to seek out these people. They are good folks to know. How you do that can be a daunting task. Which brings up the third person you must know. In fact, you maybe should get to know her first.

She is simply the @The Field Guide, in person she is Tarynn Liv Parker.

The Field Guide
The Field Guide

Tarynn’s project is The Field Guide to food, drink, travel, and adventure in the Okanagan- Similkameen Valley. She consolidates a farm-to-table guide encompassing wine, agritourism and dining and scouts local life and reports on great experiences and local products in an easy to follow guide for the overwhelmed valley visitor.

Yes, you may want The Field Guide to find the best of the best. Coming June 2013.

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