Orofino’s 1.6 Mile Dinner

farmersdotter just collected the club box from Orofino Vineyards. 12 beauty bottles to put up…. like thats going to happen šŸ˜‰

Orofino Wines

Orofino Wines

We were fortunate enough to spend some time with John and Virginia and several of their friends. It was a great break in an otherwise hectic time around the farm not to mention they have some some stellar views from around Orofino.

Orofino Vineyard

Orofino Vineyard

Tickets for Orofino’s 1.6 Mile dinner are on sale too! A five course meal using only the best foods provided by artisan producers from within a 1.6 mile radius of Orofino Winery. This event raises funds for the Cawston Community Kobau Park. A silent auction will be held on the evening of the 1.6 Mile Dinner with all proceeds going to the park. For ticket information simply email orofino@nethop.net

Orofino's 1.6 Mile Dinner

Orofino’s 1.6 Mile Dinner

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