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Cycling About Tulum

When time permits farmersdotter and I like to walk 5-8 kilometres a day. Personally it is a luxury because before knee replacement surgery it was difficult to walk beyond a few hundred metres without considerable discomfort.

So after arriving in Tulum we fully expected, as we do on Isla Mujeres, to pretty much walk everywhere. Justifies all the cerveza.

Anyway, there is so much to see and do in and around Tulum we quickly realized laden walking with a packsack in the heat of the day might not be as inspiring as first thought.

Cabs at $100 pesos a short haul trip is out of the question. What about renting a bike? Well, bikes rent for $80 pesos a day. That is a lot of cervezas.

What about buying a bike? New coaster brake model bikes begin around $2100 pesos then the sky is the limit. Still a little pricey even for our two month stay.

After some investigating we discovered a few bike rental places that will sell their rental units.

Our price for a ‘Beach Cruiser’ coaster model was $1600 pesos. Both were perfectly reconditioned units complete with basket, stronger metal pedals, reflectors, lock and signal bell. A coaster bike is all that is needed considering there are no big inclines to tackle around Tulum.


Cycling adventures begin.

2 thoughts on “Cycling About Tulum

  1. Great investigative skills! Sounds like a dream. Have a wonderful time – and be safe. xoDeb

    1. Thanks Deb. Cheers!

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