Gin and Juice Baby


What does one do with all that duty free gin? Why gin and juice of course.

Risking the breaking point of our carry-on bag’s zipper we stuffed as much duty free 40% into it as humanly possible. After arrival we carefully unburdened the weighty tote of its’ precious cargo. Bombay Sapphire. I dare say If its good enough for the Queen then its all righty-ho by me.

The challenge is how one conveniently and efficiently transports chilled el coctels to the beach. Well mi amigos the challenge has been met. Game, set, and match.

For this you will need an insulated tote bag with a closing zipper. Ours is from Community Natural Foods in Calgary and is about the volume of a plastic shopping bag. Fits nicely into the basket of a bike.


Fill four empty single serving sized plastic water bottles with potable water and freeze over night.

Take two additional empty water bottles, as large as will fit into your insulated beach bag and pour a liberal amount of gin, vodka or whatever grain alcohol tickles your fancy into each bottle. Reserve room enough to add the juice mix.

For the mix we prefer jugo de toronja, grapefruit juice, or jugo de naranja, orange juice. Fresh squeezed juices are readily available in Tulum and will cost about $25.00 pesos a litre for grapefruit juice and $20.00 pesos a litre for orange juice.

Once you have the mix to your liking place these bottles in the freezer overnight.

Yield: two fun filled suckies of fun.

By now you gather where this is headed.

The next morning you will wake up and like a kid at Christmas you will behold the joy when you open the freezer to reveal two perfect slushy cocktails. With enough alcohol the contents will freeze to a slush and not rock hard. So one could enjoy these straight off. But wait.

Just before you head out to the beach place the four frozen water bottles along side the two ‘juice’ bottles into the beach bag. The frozen water bottles will keep everything nice and cold for up to four hours.

There will be additional space in the beach bag to add some sandwich fillers. Lunch and refreshments. Cool, tidy and good to go.

The side benefit is as the ice melts in the water bottles one has agua enough to rehydrate.


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