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A Day in the Life

We have been harvesting our Russian Red garlic for a week now and anticipate pulling it all off by this Wednesday. Today we have a half crew finishing the last half of the garlic field.

The garlic will continue to hang on racks in the drying shed until at least the beginning of August at which time the crew will return to trim the roots and stalks. Shortly there after the garlic will go to market in 25 pound onion sacks.

The area for planting garlic this fall is under cover with Caliente 199 mustard from Rupp Seeds This mustard adds good bio mass and provides protection against a host of pest and disease.

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Hi, The e-mail you sent did not come out properly. It was lovely seeing and meeting Christine, you looked very happy and well. Sans and I left the next day back to Vancouver we had to cut short our stay. Love to you both, Les

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    1. Don’t know what email that could have been. If it was generated from the blog I’ll have to check into the spam filters. Anyway it was so nice seeing you and Sans again. Please keep in touch. Love Morris & Yvonne

  2. I have the Coultry curse. CANCER A large nodular melanoma on my scalp Am at the Cancer clinic in Calgary today for a full scope and then hopefully surgery on Aug 6th It is just 1 yr. since Shar passed away and we miss her everyday. Send some positive garlic vibes that will stop it from spreading. Cheers, Butch

  3. This what I got.

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