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End of the Season

At the end of the season it is wonderful to look back, reflect and simply enjoy. One wonderful moment from last season was the infamous hail storm that past through the valley at the end of May. In its wake it left a magical double rainbow that farmersdotter was able to capture. Happy Thanksgiving and cheers!

Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow



2 thoughts on “End of the Season

  1. What an incredible picture!! It warmed my soul to hear you named the crop after me. Early detection saved the day . I have one hell of a crater on the top of my head which could be used to store your garlic salt!! Our daughter L’wren received her surgery results on
    Friday from her surgery. We are both classified as CANCER FREE. We are all so thankful on this special Thanksgiving Day. I think Shar was looking out for both of us. Enjoy Mexico. Mike goes around January 1st and I hope to get a full month in
    !!! Again thanks, Butch

  2. Special Thanksgiving indeed. So glad to hear your good news!

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