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New Look for the Scape Salt

New Packaging for Scape Salt

farmersdotter Original Garlic Scape Salt has a new look. The top-secret, proprietary recipe for the Scape Salt hasn’t changed, that will never change. No, only the packaging has changed. The home for those wonderful little granules that farmersdotter has been pushing on you for a few years now.

New Packaging for Scape Salt
New Packaging for Scape Salt

Welcome the foil pouch. Less folksy but also less bulky than the original canning jar. Certainly much lighter which means less weight for shipping. Less weight for Canada Post.

Our original garlic scape salt is still handcrafted in the sunny Similkameen Valley using only certified organic garlic scapes from our farm and Canadian sourced ancient sea salt. Carefully blended in small batches then wood-fired and oven roasted in our farm bakery. Enjoy on everything from steaks to popcorn to potatoes to your best friend!

Anyway, we hope you like the new look for the Scape Salt. Let us know either way.


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