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Thats Fair – Risk Guide for Produce

While it is easy to paint with a big brush is it always good to do so? No, not always. Too easy to cover up details with one thoughtless stroke. Lines get blurred and the balance becomes skewed like those between the organic and conventional farming industries.

Risk Guide for ProduceJustice Scale

Organic farmers have witnessed a dramatic increase in awareness and consumer support. Support exacted to a large extent at the expense of conventional farmers who have been taking it in on the chin lately for everything from pollution to cancer to God knows what…biological terrorism. Seriously? Not fair.

farmersdotter will never adopt conventional farming practices but that is our choice. Does that mean we are superior to all conventional farmers? No. No it doesn’t. Even if we like to think it does it definitely does not.

We could bore you. Rehash statistics and details. Regurgitate broad brush hyperbole linking conventionally farmed produce to a prolonged, tumor riddled, cancerous death. Not fair. There are radical factions within the organic industry who are as adept at peddling and spinning their ideology as the best zealots out there.

Courtesy Consumer Reports
Courtesy Consumer Reports

Having said that we think it important consumers make informed choices. We recently came across a Consumer Reports article about pesticides in produce that seems sensible, fair and balanced. Well worth consulting. Cheers!

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