39 in the Shade

This is the kind of day you dream about all winter. Mid afternoon, thirty-nine celsius in the shade and not a cloud in sight. Was it ever winter? Can’t even imagine snow on the ground nor fruit trees without luscious foliage and budding fruit. It is an early season. Chelan Cherries are already coming off…

Chelan Cherries

Chelan Cherries

… and the first heirloom tomatoes are available from Harker’s Organics in our fair town of Cawston, BC. The ubiquitous fruit stands are bursting. Yet summer in the Similkameen is amazing if not a contradiction. Part of Canada’s only true desert, the Similkameen is made up with sagebrush, cacti, tarantulas and rattle snakes. No kidding. See…

Rattle Snake

Rattle Snake

…Wes Makepeace photographed this little fellow caught by Walter Makepeace at Hugging Tree Winery on Highway 3 midway between Cawston, BC and Nighthawk, USA. Its okay, Walter insists rattle snakes have never been known to get close to Hugging Tree’s tasting room… Yeh. However, with a little and sometimes a lot of irrigation the dry ground provides the Similkameen with an abundance of lush fruits and vegetables.

Irrigating Garlic

Irrigating Garlic

For us this means an abundance of the best Russian Red Garlic and Garlic Scape. Today was our first day ‘scaping’ a term we use to describe removing the flower stalk (scape) from the garlic plant. Aside from rewarding us with the raw material for the Original Garlic Scape Salt, removing the scape diverts stored energy down to the bulb, which is the money maker. Scapes are collected by hand…

Removing Scapes

Removing Scapes

… and set into clear plastic bags for cold storage.

Bags o' Scape

Bags o’ Scape

There they will wait for the secret proprietary process to turn it all into Scape Salt. In the meantime… Cheers!

39 in the Shade

39 in the Shade

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