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Heres the Thing

According to the headline of a recent CBC news article “Bumblebee exposure to neonic pesticides can lead to poorer crops.

Well duh!

Heres the thing.

Chemical use in farming has been around long enough we consider it ‘conventional’…

Think about that.

We actually refer to methods of farming which include the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and genetically modified organisms, in other words the rape and pillage of the soil as conventional farming.

And… AND we’ve been doing this for generations.

So what does that make organic farming? Unconventional.

The arrogance.

Hansel & Gretel at Big-Chem's House
Hansel & Gretel at Big-Chem’s House

This is how far we have followed the bread crumbs as hand-in-hand big-chem and big-ag lead us down the labyrinth to a new norm which is to say their norm which is now a convention.

Would you like fries with that?


The convention that we need big-ag for our very survival is preposterous. A myth. A horrible myth designed to feed the coffers of stake holders not the growing population it is purported to serve.

Think about it.

Is it so unreasonable to think big-chem and big-ag companies could be duping us rubes into thinking they are more altruistic then profit driven?

Feed the world? Jees, feed their f–king pocketses. Yesss my preciousss, yessssssss.

Conventional farmers rely in part upon the promised yields supplied by seed vendors. Seeds which the vendors say will be optimized only when used in conjunction with their amendments like synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

Yet these promised yields fail to achieve.

Seed vendors response, like dirty old men is to offer up more candy. More seed. More toxins.

Insane. More is not better. It is waste. Greedy waste.

Fact: Monsanto, accounts for almost 23% of the global proprietary seed market.

If a multinational oil company had a 23% stake in the car selling business would they sell you a Prius?

Think about it.

The end result is after generations of conventional farming our fertile farmland has been mined to the point of soil erosion. Vicious, vicious cycle. This has a knock on effect to the air we breathe, the water we drink not to mention the crap we put in our mouths.

Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that adversely affects topsoil through pressures associated with poor farming practices.

So for the conventionally minded farmer the only immediate solution is to continue applying more and more conventional inputs. It would take several years, time the farmer can not afford to spend, to organically remediate the soil back to fertility.

Conventional farming is to the soil like smoking is to the lungs.

No matter how benign, how cool, how stress reducing smoking was purported to be we now know different.

And right now the parallels between big-ag and cigarettes are remarkable. They are both predominantly marketed in emerging economies just like they were in North America fifty years ago.

Think on that.

So the bottom line is we are ingesting suspected and or proven carcinogenic chemicals if according to the dirty old men of seed vendors your carrot will be vastly improved and healthier through the use of their miraculous chemical products.

Would it not follow that the same carrot might have a trace, a wee trace of the same f–king chemicals by the time we eat it?

Think about it.

And if not why use the chemicals in the first place?

Baaaaa baaaaa baaaaa



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  1. Spot on. I hate calling it conventional everytime I say it.

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