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I wonder if CBC made any profit off this recent story headlined:

Government Funds Video to Help Farmers Combat Anti-GMO Movement

Farmers near Spalding, Saskatchewan harvest their crop for 2015. (Bonnie Allen/CBC News)
Farmers near Spalding, Saskatchewan harvest their crop for 2015. (Bonnie Allen/CBC News)

What? Anti GMO is anti farmer. pfft. This is a headline crafted to mislead consumers into thinking the anti GMO movement is a militant sect worthy of eradicating in battle like indiscriminately ridding a crop pest with glyphosate. Screw collateral damage.

Bollocks. We are certified organic farmers. My neighbours are certified organic farmers and we are all anti GMO. Point a can of roundup at us and yes we will go all militia on your ass.

The point: The point people is who is SaskCanola and who funded them?

For crying out loud CBC dig deeper. Even if GMOs were proved safe. Safe for consumption and safe for the environment. Safe from wind and the forces of nature, who benefits from the sale of GMO and its spinoff industry? That alone could be the issue regardless of any environmental and health complications. For the sake of good journalism everywhere follow the bread trail to the end. Shame on CBC for reporting this not-so-cleverly disguised commercial for big ag.

Seriously. That is what it is. An advert.

And nothing against CBC’s esteemed science expert Dr. Joe, as he is affectionately known but his quote at the end of this article about what labelling should state is “some components are derived from genetically-modified plants, but there no is chemical difference.” Are you f*cking kidding me? Qualify a label statement? Thats not a label thats coercion. This from a scientist who has a concurrent career as a radio host, newspaper columnist and part time amateur magician. pfft.

Let me tell you. All farmers are very concerned about GMO. From those big guys in Saskatchewan who may be in too deep or are drinking too deep from big Ag’s Kool-Aid trough to those of us in the certified organic sector, we are all sick about it.

In part we at farmersdotter trust in the several independent Buy Local movements to further the case of food awareness. This whole issue would go away with greater awareness about food provenance. No one corporation can have a monopoly on food or water for that matter. Simply stated the ever expanding world does not need GMO to feed it. Then why is big Ag putting so much effort into its development? I can tell you it is not altruism.

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