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You Are What You Eat

There is so much information to be had regarding our current food supply that it is no wonder we as consumers are confused about the provenance of the food stuffs we buy and even frightened by the prospect we will not have enough food to feed the whole planet.

It is a given that we firmly hold true we should provide the best nutrition for our family. This goes beyond wether or not organics is superior over conventional. Way beyond. It goes to our desire to feed ourselves to the best of our ability. It means approaching the farmer, green grocer, super market, or big box store with the knowledge that the store shelves are stocked with ethically sourced product.

We suspect this is not always the case even though many of our favourite high-profile purveyors will make the claim. Sometimes we can not trust a vendor to place ethics above profit.

Buy local and eat local. It is a tired mantra but so very true. To the best of our ability we endeavour to buy local and eat local if we are to know for certain the provenance of the food stuffs in our basket and the ethics that go into producing it.

Here in Cawston, our producers are members of our immediate community. We have that luxury. We are rural farmers and the majority of the food in our basket is produced by friends and neighbours.

And with more and more community and back yard gardens popping up buying local is becoming more of a reality for city dwellers. They needn’t make a trip to the country to see first hand where their food comes from because it could be coming from an allotment, reclaimed city lot, or a high-rise roof top. Awesome!

Point being if we are unable to go to the source than we must rely upon research. This usually means consulting Dr. Google. Cross referencing the source to eliminate untoward bias. There are several authorities who after some examination turn out to be nothing more than paid industry shills heaping hyperbole upon the virtues of their particular interest. Every faction in the food industry is guilty of this practice. Certified organics, conventional farmers, GMO developers and big-ag in general, we are all guilty.

One thing we know for certain. You are what you eat. Garbage in garbage out.

At farmersdotter we feed ourselves well. We can not always buy organic but we always cook from scratch. We do not buy processed foods or snacks. We research provenance. We avoid purchasing from those we have discovered to be unethical. We avoid the centre isles of the super markets.

When you consider the nutritional bang for your buck we actually spend no more than most consumers.  Regardless of local or not we strive to support sustainable industries. It is a choice we make to ensure we can continue to fed our family well and in-turn ensure the viability of those we choose to feed us.

The power is in our wallet.

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